Fire Safety At Home

Fit a smoke alarm

Make sure your home is fitted with at least one smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are cheap and easy to install. We recommend alarms with 10 year battery life. Make sure you buy an alarm that meets British Standard 5446: Part 1, and remember to test the batteries regularly to check they're still working.

Minimise the risks of electrical fires

There are several things you can do to help prevent electrical fires:

Be careful with heaters, candles and smoking

Plan a fire escape route

Plan what you would do if there were a fire in your home and always keep the escape routes clear. Make sure everyone in your home is familiar with the escape plan. If the main exit from your home locks with a key, make sure the key is always easily accessible and everyone in your household knows where it's kept.

Plan what to do in an emergency

If a fire breaks out in your home:

Other things to remember include: