Modum Ladder - Assembly and Installation

Your Modum ladder will arrive with all the screws, washers and wall plugs that will be necessary to fit the ladder. We'll even send you the two masonry drill bits that you'll need to create the correct size holes in your wall. The pack contains everything you will need. Your ladder will arrive in modules, which will have been chosen to fit your needs. We also include metal spacers to fill any gaps between the ladder and the wall in case the surface of your wall should be slightly uneven.

The Modum ladder is quite easy to install and assemble, and for your convenience Fire Safety Products Ltd is sending an installation DVD or Video with every Modum ladder purchased. The installation guide shows a step-by-step installation of the ladder in a two storey building by a trained installer. You can also request the DVD/Video for free (£4.00 postage) prior to committing yourself to a purchase. This allows you to assess the possibility of a self-installation.

The tools you will need for your installation are (in sequence of use):

Please observe caution when working on tall ladders or using DIY tools. Installing a Modum ladder for a three storey building will require more than one person, and a working platform or lift. This is because a DIY ladder is too unstable for a safe installation of the Modum ladder at this height. We recommend you seek specialist advice from us if you intend to buy a Modum for a particularly high building.

What is on the DVD/Video?

The DVD/Video is a full colour motion picture with a helpful commentary detailing how to install the Modum ladder. It has been designed so that you can watch it right through, or skip to a chapter of particular interest (DVD, only). Topics covered include:

If you prefer to have your ladder fitted professionally, you can purchase an expert installation in England for just £300 for a two storey building, or £500 for a three storey building. If you require a professional installation outside England, please contact us for a quotation.