Rollo Roll-Out Ladder - Assembly

You have bought the Rollo Fire Escape Ladder. Let's hope you never have to use it. Spend sometime now planning your escape route. Whenever possible go down pass as few windows as you can when descending. The Rollo ladder is designed to be easy to use. Its construction will prevent the risk of tangling and make the descent safe and speedy. Get to know your ladder now. It could save your ladder.

As a general guide here are some points to check when you are setting up your Rollo Fire Escape Ladder

In an Emergency

Be Safety Conscious

Storage and maintenance


This product has been designed and tested to be used as a fire escape only.

Fire Safety Products cannot accept liability for any damage to property, possessions or to persons resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Rollo Fire Escape Ladder.

Fire Safety Products cannot be responsible for the misuse of the ladder and all instructions must be adhered to at all times.

The Rollo ladder must not be used by anyone suffering from mental or physical disability which could affect the safe use of the ladder.


This ladder has been independently tested to withstand a distributed load of 1000lbs (454kg) only. The frame is made of zinc plated steel tubing. The ladder has chain or wire and zinc plated steel rungs.


The Rollo ladder is supplied to you partly assembled for easy packing and transport. You must assemble the ladder by bolting the front legs and back hook tubes to the frame by matching the colour coded stickers. You must adjust the frame so it fits snugly over the window sills it is to be used from. Make sure the outside legs are pushing against the outside wall.

Adjust the frame to the closest stop to fit over the wall and any radiator, (avoiding electrical heaters) below the window sill and fully tighten the self locking nuts on the frame using a 13mm spanner.

The standoffs are positioned every third rung.

With the chain ladders only the standoffs can be removed if required.


To refold, lay the material out straight with the ladder down the centre. The stand offs must be facing down. Fold both sides of the material to the centre over the ladder. Roll up tightly from the bottom.

When rolled up to the frame fasten with the string, using the quick release buckle to hold the ladder together.

If you require advice contact your supplier.