Using The Rollo Roll-Out Ladder

Diagram 1: Carry the ladder by the hook tubes as shown in the diagram - to one of the windows you have adjusted it for.

Diagram 2: With the window fully opened, position the hook over the sill so that the ladder is outside the window. Make sure the front legs are touching the outside wall by pushing the frame down completely. In some cases the frame will rock forward slightly into position, this is normal. The frame can’t be used over outside windows which are overhanging more than 5 inches (12.5cm).

Diagram 3: Check no-one is standing directly below the window, then sharply pull the release cord and let go.

Diagram 4: Work out the best way to get out of the window and on to the ladder.

If there is any reason the frame will not fit your window, the ladder can be adapted to use eyebolts. Please contact your supplier. When used over a slanted roof, beware the ladder could damage some roof tiles and should therefore only be used in an emergency. Not for practice.