X-IT Ladder - Assembly

Important Note: You must read all the following instructions.

The ladder must be inspected and adjusted when purchased and instructions should be read thoroughly.

Introduction to the X-IT MkII Fire Escape Ladder

You have bought the X-IT MkII Fire Escape Ladder - let's hope you never have to use it. Spend some time now planning your escape route and bear in mind that windows are underneath each other on most buildings. The X-IT MK11 ladder is designed and made to be easy to use. Its semi-rigid construction will reduce the risk of swaying and make your descent safe and speedy. Get to know your ladder now. It could save your life!

As a general guide here are some points to check when you are setting up your X-IT MkII Escape Ladder.

Plan ahead. Choose the best windows to escape a smoke filled house.

Make sure your ladder fits all your chosen windows correctly.

Find the shortest route down from the upper floors, avoiding smoke. Going down from the window above the front door can often be the best way.

Choosing to go down to a balcony or a flat roof as an escape and waiting to be rescued is preferable to using a very long ladder.

Make sure the keys for the window locks are kept near the escape window.

Will the chosen windows open easily? Check regularly and have smoke alarms fitted to wake you at night.

Make sure everyone in your house or staying with you knows how and where to use the ladder.

Remember to tell overnight guests about the ladder and where it is stored.

In an emergency

Use the window furthest from the fire, away from smoke/flames coming from below.

Check that no-one is directly below before releasing the ladder from the window sill.

Come down slowly keeping your body straight and vertical using both hands on the rungs.

Do not allow anyone suffering from mental or physical disability to use it.

Do not carry anyone or anything with you while descending. A specially designed child carrier is available from your local supplier.

Do not allow more than one person on the ladder at a time unless you are using a child carrier.

Be Safety Conscious

Do not use the ladder if it appears to be damaged.

Check your ladder's condition regularly.

Do not use your ladder for any other purpose, it is only to be used as a fire escape.

Keep out of reach of children during storage.

Beware of sharp edges on the locking mechanism of the rungs.


The X-IT ladder is supplied to you partly assembled for easy packing and transport. You must assemble the ladder by bolting the front legs and back hook tubes to the frame by matching the colour coded stickers. You must adjust the frame so it fits snugly over the window sills it is likely to be used from. Make sure the outside legs are pushing against the outside wall.


Adjust the frame to the closest stop to fit over the wall and radiator (avoiding electric heaters) below the window sill - see Diagram A. Fully tighten the self-locking nuts on the frame using a 13mm spanner.

If the ladder is to be used over a part of the roof, bend the locking fork back at each end of the corresponding rung to prevent the ladder locking over the gutter. See Diagram B.

The rungs are spaced one foot apart vertically. Make sure using a tape measure, that the ladder you have purchased is the right length for your use, that is between one and two feet (30cm to 60cm) from the ground.

If the ladder is to long, we suggest that you remove any surplus rungs as in Diagram C. This ladder has been designed for a maximum usable length of 25ft (7620mm).

Instructions for use

Carry the ladder by the tubes and rung cluster (see Diagram 1) to one of the windows you may have adjusted it for, preferably a window above the front door and furthest away from fire and smoke. With the window fully open, position the frame over the sill so that the cluster of rungs is outside the window. Make sure that the front legs are touching the outside wall by pushing the frame down completely. See Diagram 2. in some cases the frame will rock slightly into position, this is normal. The frame can not be used over window sills which are overhanging more than 5 inches (12.5 cm).

Check nobody is standing directly below the window, the sharply pull the release cord and let go. See diagram 3.

It may be necessary to shake the ladder over a gutter if it is used over a slanted roof.

Beware, the ladder could damage some of the roof tiles and should therefore only be used in an emergency. Not for practice. When getting out of the window, make sure that you exit by placing a leg out of the window first, onto the first rung. Then turn your body around to face the inside of the room and then put your other foot on the first rung.

Descending slowly, keeping your body straight and vertical, holding the rungs with both hands. See diagram 4.

Do not attempt to carry anybody or anything with you. We recommend the use of a proprietary child carrier. Do not attempt to refold the ladder from the window. It must be lowered using a length of rope on to the ground where it can be folded. See Diagram D.

Note: The box in which you have purchased your ladder can be used for storage.

Storage and maintenance

Always ensure that the ladder is stored in an easily accessible and dry place.

Regularly check that you ladder is free from corrosion and ready for instant use.


This product has been designed and tested to be used as a fire escape only.

Cameron Robb Ltd cannot accept liability for any damage to property, possessions or to persons resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the X-IT MK11 ladder.

Cameron Robb Ltd cannot be responsible for misuse of the ladder and the instructions must be adhered to at all times.

This X-IT MkII ladder must not be used by anyone suffering from mental or physical disability which could affect the safe use of the ladder.


This ladder has been statically tested to carry a maximum weight of 1000lbs (453.6 KG) only.

The frame, rungs and rods are made of zinc plated steel tubing.

We hope that this ladder will give you peace of mind and that you never have to use it in a real fire.

Made with care in Great Britain by: Cameron Robb Ltd, Registered company no: 509951